Alumil Supreme S77

Alumil Supreme S77 is the optimal solution for swing systems with a very high thermal insulation coefficient, which meets the highest standards. The system benefits from a modern design and is the ideal solution for projects that require maximum safety and increased performance.


System geometry

Depth: 77 mm
Visible height: 93 mm
Central node: 122 mm
Dim. max. sash: L1700 mm / H2800 mm
Max weight sash: 180 kg


Maximum glazing thickness

72 mm

Thermal performance

UW ≥ 0,85 W / m2K


Acoustic performance

42 dB


Innovative functional solutions, safety and energy saving


  • Modern design
  • Energy efficiency (Passive House certificate)
  • High degree of safety
  • High noise attenuation
  • Facilitating access for people with special needs and children
  • Wide variety of typologies and solutions
  • Weather resistance
  • Certified quality and performance
  • Easy access
  • High degree of functionality

ESA classifications:

  • Air resistance: Class 4
  • Water resistance: E1500 class
  • Wind resistance: Class C5 / B5


  • ATG
  • CSTB
  • NF
  • PAS 24
  • IFT Rosenheim
  • Qualicoat
  • GSB
  • qualanod

Configuration possibilities:

Visible width of the aluminum surface of only 93 mm and only 67 mm for the hidden sash system. Special tightness ensured by 3 levels of EPDM gaskets and coextruded foam gaskets. Threshold solution with small dimensions, specially designed to facilitate access for people with special needs. For all types. Wide range of window sills. 40 mm polyamide, Kooltherm inserts, foam insulators.

Innovative functional solutions, safety and energy saving