Alumil Supreme S560

Alumil Supreme S560 is a sliding system with robust lifting, which offers a high level of thermal insulation, flexibility, being a suitable system for achieving large openings.


System geometry

Depth (2-way frame): 128 mm
Depth (3-way frame): 208 mm
Visible height: 122,5 mm
Central node: 28 mm
Max weight sash: 300 kg / sash


Maximum glazing thickness

44 mm

Thermal performance

UW 1.58 W / m2K


Acoustic performance

38 dB

Innovative functional solutions, safety and energy saving


  • Facilitates the penetration of an increased volume of natural light, thanks to the design of the product and the large glazed surfaces
  • Modern design
  • Easy to use and high degree of functionality
  • Energetic efficiency
  • Wide variety of alternative solutions
  • High level of safety
  • High noise attenuation
  • Impressive quality with high performance
  • Weather resistance
  • Special solutions for hotels

ESA classifications:

  • Air resistance: Class 3
  • Water resistance: E1200 class
  • Wind resistance: Class C4 / B4


  • IFT Rosenheim
  • Qualicoat
  • GSB
  • qualanod

Configuration possibilities:

The basic width of the wings is 56 mm. The reduced visible width, only 49 mm, of the profile in the overlapping area of ​​the frames, ensures the maximization of natural lighting. The stainless steel raceways ensure a flawless slide. The system allows the realization of an impressive number of sliding typologies. 24 mm polyamide in frame and 16-24 mm in sash.

Innovative functional solutions, safety and energy saving