for the selection of offers in order to endow with machinery and equipment 

Dear Sir / Madam,

SC OPTIMEDIA SRL with headquarters in Oradea, Str. Calea Sintandrei, no. 38, Bihor County, Romania (with the identification data in the header) invites you to present your offer of equipment for the realization of an investment project financed by the State aid scheme established by GD no. 807/2014, with the name “INCREASING THE PRODUCTION CAPACITY OF PVC JOINERY BY BUILDING A PRODUCTION HALL AND THE ACQUISITION OF EQUIPMENT”.

1.Applied procedure: Competitive procedure

2. Award criteria: The contract will be awarded to the economic operator whose offer has the most technical and financial advantages in relation to the other offers received and which best meets the purpose of the project.

3. The object of the contract will consist of: Acquisition of goods, consisting of machinery according to Annex I.

4. Type of contract: contract for the supply of goods.

5. Deadline for submission of tenders: 18.10.2021, 12:00. The offers will be submitted in person in a sealed envelope or will be sent by mail / courier. Receipt of the offer by other means (fax, email, etc.) is not accepted and the offer will not be analyzed.

6. Deadline for receipt of requests for clarification: 12.10.2021, 12:00. Requests for clarification can be sent only in Romanian or accompanied by a translation into Romanian. Requests for clarifications can be requested only in writing and will be sent by mail, courier or staff to the company's headquarters or by email to:

7. Deadline for submitting the reply to clarifications: The answer to the request for clarifications will be sent in maximum 2 working days from the date of receipt of the request for clarifications, in Romanian by email (at the address provided in the request for clarifications) and both the request for clarifications and the answer will be posted on the page. internet

8. Validity of the offer: at least 90 days from the date of issue.

9. Opening of tenders: 18.08.2021, 14:00. When opening the offers, in case there are ambiguities or it is considered necessary to present additional information, OPTIMEDIA SRL has the right to request additional clarifications from the bidders. If the bidders do not respond to these requests, the bid will be disqualified.

10.   Address at which the offer is submitted / Address at which the offers will be evaluated: Oradea, Str. Calea Sintandrei, no. 38, Bihor County, Romania

11. The estimated value is: 724.880,00 Euro, the equivalent of 3.572.426,10 Law, so:

Name of machine / equipment

Nr. Each

Estimated value (Lei)

Estimated value (Eur)

Welding machine at 4 ends








NOTE: - The above prices do not include VAT;

            - 1 Euro = 4,9283 Lei, BNR exchange rate valid on 15.07.2021

12. The submitted offer must contain:

  • Technical and financial offer;
  • DECLARATION regarding the non-compliance with the situations provided in art. 13, 14 and 15 of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 66/2011 on the prevention, detection and sanctioning of irregularities in the obtaining and use of European funds and / or national public funds related to them, with subsequent amendments and completions (according to ANNEX II, the annex which can be downloaded from:;

The technical specifications can be found in Annex I, an annex that can be downloaded from:

Documents issued in another language shall be presented in the original, or, as the case may be, in a certified copy of the original and shall be accompanied by the authorized translation into Romanian, in the original.

13. Conditions for signing the contract (including its duration):

The contract for the supply of goods will be signed only with the bidder designated as the winner.

If the winning bidder does not sign the contract in the terms established in the information letter regarding the result of the procurement procedure, OPTIMEDIA SRL will resume the procurement procedure.

The supply contract must mention the identification data of the 2 signatory parties (administrative identification and financial identification - registered office, telephone, fax, email, unique registration code, bank, bank account, signatory, contact details), object of the contract , the value, the contract documents, the duration of the contract execution and the contractual conditions. The contract must be signed by both parties, have a number and date.

The contract must be valid for a sufficient period to still allow the implementation of the project in accordance with the data in the financing application and with the documents attached to it.

The contract and its annexes will be drawn up in 2 original copies, one for each party.

The payment of the contract price will be made as follows:

  • Advance of maximum 30% of the contract value; 
  • The rest of the payment will be paid before the delivery of the equipment that is the object

14. Settlement of appeals: any bidder dissatisfied with the result of the award process, has the right to file an appeal. The appeals will be sent in Romanian or accompanied by an authorized translation in Romanian. Complaints can be submitted only in writing and sent by mail, courier or in person to the company's headquarters. The waiting term in order to submit the eventual appeals is of 2 days from the transmission of the notifications regarding the result of the procedure to the winning bidder respectively to the non-winning bidder / bidders / winners. Otherwise, the appeals will not be considered. The appeals will be analyzed and solved in maximum 5 days from their receipt by drawing up a report for solving the appeals. The Appeals Evaluation Commission has the right to request clarifications from the appellant, in which case the settlement period may be extended by the period of requesting and receiving these clarifications.

CAREFUL: Failure by the bidder to comply with any of the requirements of this documentation (failure to present the documents or their partial presentation or of the requested information or the requested form) may lead to the rejection of the bid from the selection process of the winning bid.

For additional information you can contact OPTIMEDIA SRL based in Oradea, Str. Calea Sintandrei, no. 38, Bihor County, Romania or at the email address:

We are waiting for your offer, until the deadline mentioned above, at the headquarters of our company.

Thank you in advance.

Legal representative,

Marius Ioan Pantis Date: 06.10.2021