Local entrepreneurs. The Pantiş family from Oradea reached a turnover of 30 million euros, plus 23%, with the manufacturer of windows and doors Optimedia

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The manufacturer of PVC and aluminum windows and doors Optimedia from Oradea, owned by Romanian entrepreneurs Marius and Simona Pantiş, achieved a turnover of 30 million euros last year, 23% more than the previous year, generated by both the market domestic, but especially the increase in sales in foreign markets, according to the company. Optimedia has over 160 customers and export business partners in countries such as France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Japan, Canada and the United States, according to information on the Optimedia website. More than two-thirds of Optimedia's production is exported, according to information previously provided by the company.

"It is normal to want a business growth in 2020, but our focus is on growing and strengthening partnerships with our dealers. As the market diversifies more and more, especially in the field of aluminum carpentry, compliance with production deadlines is a growing challenge, because we also depend on the supply of profiles and special accessories, "said for ZF Transilvania Marius Ioan Pantiş, general manager of Optimedia. Among the company's suppliers in Oradea are Veka, Profine, Saint-Gobain, Winkhaus, Maco, Alumil, Cortizo, Schuco and Reyners. The company's products are not sold directly to the end customer, Optimedia collaborating with various partners, who ensure the final sale and installation.

Article by zf.ro.

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