for the selection of offers in order to carry out works

SC OPTIMEDIA SRL with headquarters in Oradea, Str. Calea Sîntandrei, no. 38, Bihor County, Romania (with the identification data in the header), invites you to participate with your offer of works for the construction of a hall within an investment project financed by the State Aid Scheme established by GD no. 807/2014, entitled “INCREASING THE PRODUCTION CAPACITY OF PVC JOINERY BY BUILDING A GLASS PROCESSING HALL, A PVC CUTTING AND WRAPPING HALL AND EQUIPPING THEM WITH EQUIPMENT”.

Procedure applied: Competitive procedure.

Award criteria: The contract will be awarded to the economic operator whose tender has the most technical and financial advantages in relation to the other tenders received and which best meets the purpose of the project.

The object of the contract will consist of: procurement of works in accordance with the technical design.

Contract type: works contract.

Deadline for receipt of the offer: 21.07.2021, 12:00. The offer will be submitted in person or will be sent by post / courier. The transmission of the offer by other means (fax, email, etc.) is not accepted and the offer will not be analyzed. The offer will be sent in a single copy, together with the requested documents, in a sealed envelope.

Deadline for receipt of requests for clarification: 12.07.2021, 12:00. Requests for clarifications can be requested only in writing and sent by mail, courier or in person at the company's headquarters in: Oradea, Str. Calea Sîntandrei, no. 38, Bihor County, or by email at:

Deadline for submitting the reply to clarifications: The response to the request for clarifications will be sent within a maximum of 2 working days from the date of receipt of the request for clarifications.

Validity of the offer: at least 45 days from the date of its issuance.

Opening of offers: 21.07.2021, at 13:00. After the opening of the offers, in case there are ambiguities or it is considered necessary to present additional information, OPTIMEDIA SRL has the right to request additional clarifications from the bidders. If tenderers do not respond to these requests, those tenders will be disqualified.

Address to which the offer is submitted: at the registered office of the company from: Oradea, Str. Calea Sîntandrei, no. 38, Bihor County.

The total estimated value of the construction is: 4,203,535.00 Lei. This value does not include VAT.

Conditions to be met by tenderers:
The tenderer must demonstrate that he has in the fields of activity included in the finding certificate issued by the ORC, the authorized CANE code, which corresponds to the request for tender, namely 4120 - Construction work for residential and non-residential buildings.
To demonstrate the above requirement, please attach the following document to the offer: The ascertaining certificate issued by the Trade Register Office in original (or legalized copy / certified copy in accordance with the original), issued no later than 30 days from the date of submission of the offer. Its content must not include entries on the application of the law on the organization or procedure of judicial liquidation (bankruptcy or insolvency) or that the company is in default.

The bidder must demonstrate that it complies with the rules on avoiding conflicts of interest as specified in GEO No. 66/2011 and exclusion situations.
To demonstrate the above requirement, please attach an offer to the offer STATEMENT regarding the non-compliance with the situations provided in art. 13, 14 and 15 of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 66/2011 on the prevention, detection and sanctioning of irregularities in obtaining and using European funds and / or national public funds related to them, with subsequent amendments and completions (according to the model).

The bidder must constitute a guarantee for participation, in the amount of 40,000.00 Lei, by bank transfer to the account of OPTIMEDIA SRL: RO19 BRDE 050S V446 9187 0500, opened at Banca BRD GROUPE SOCIETE GENERALE, Oradea Branch. The amount must enter the specified account, until the deadline for submission of the offer, respectively: 21.07.2021, 12:00. Proof of the guarantee for participation is made by attaching to the offer documentation a copy of the payment order made. The payment order will specify very clearly the purpose of the payment. Failure to provide a guarantee for participation under the specified conditions will lead to the declaration of the offer as non-compliant. The guarantee for participation will be returned within 3 working days after signing the works procurement contract or after the decision to cancel the procurement procedure, as the case may be. OPTIMEDIA SRL has the right to retain the guarantee for participation, the bidder thus losing the amount constituted, when the latter is in any of the following situations:
It withdraws its offer during its validity period;
As his bid is established as the winner, he refuses to sign the procurement contract during the validity period of the bid.

Lists of quantities / technical specifications / terms of reference (technical design) and model declaration can be downloaded in electronic format by accessing the following link:

Instructions for completing the requested offer / statements / forms:
The terms of reference (technical design), together with the technical specifications and lists of quantities are mandatory.
Any declaration / form will be completed and presented only in original by the bidder, will be signed by his legal representative (the person in charge mentioned in the certificate of ascertainment or the equivalent for foreign bidders) or, as the case may be, will be signed by another authorized person. to represent the tenderer, in which case he shall also present the power of attorney granted to the latter by the tenderer's legal representative.
The documents / declarations / certificates issued by third parties (competent institutions) will be presented only in Romanian and will meet one of the following formal conditions: original, certified copy or certified copy for conformity with the original.
The documents issued in another language are presented in original, legalized copy or certified copy in accordance with the original and will be accompanied by an authorized translation into Romanian, the translation will be presented in original.

Conditions for signing the contract (including its duration):
The works contract will be signed only with the winning bidder.
If the successful tenderer does not sign the contract within the terms set out in the information letter on the outcome of the procurement procedure, the beneficiary will resume the procurement procedure.
The works contract must mention the identification data of the 2 signatory parties (administrative and financial identification, registered office, telephone, fax, email, unique registration code, bank, bank account, signatory, contact details), object of the contract, the value, the contract documents, the duration of the contract and the contractual conditions. The contract must be signed by both parties, have a number and date.
The contract must be valid for a period sufficient to allow the project to be implemented in accordance with the data in the grant application, and with the documents attached to it.
The term of execution of the works is of maximum 6 months from the date of signing the works contract. The works will be executed at the following address: Oradea Municipality, Calea Sîntandrei, no. 38, Bihor County
The contract and its annexes will be drawn up in 2 originals, one for each party.
The payment of the contract price will be made as follows:
The purchaser does not grant an advance to the executor.
Payments will be made in stages, after receiving the receipts for the following stages of work:
Infrastructure completion;
Superstructure completion;
Completion of concrete floor on the ground;
Completion of side and roof closures;
Carpentry assembly completion;
Final reception of works.
Payments will be made on the basis of work situations, at the value of the works executed according to the contract, after their approval by the beneficiary, within a maximum of 90 days from the receipt of each stage.
The executor undertakes to provide a guarantee of good performance of the contract in the amount of 5% of the contract value, excluding VAT. The guarantee of good execution will be constituted by successive deductions from the amounts due for each stage of works, and deposited in an escrow account. The purchaser undertakes to return the performance guarantee as follows: 50% of it will be refunded within 14 days from the date of final acceptance at the end of the contract works, 30% after 1 year from final acceptance, and the remaining 20% ​​at expiry of the warranty period, based on the final acceptance report.
The warranty period granted to the works will be at least 24 months.

Settlement of appeals: any tenderer dissatisfied with the outcome of the award process shall have the right to lodge an appeal. Complaints will be sent in Romanian or accompanied by an authorized translation into Romanian. Complaints can be submitted only in writing and sent by mail, courier or in person at the company's headquarters in: Oradea, Str. Calea Sîntandrei, no. 38, Bihor County. The waiting period for the submission of possible appeals is 2 days from the transmission of the notifications regarding the result of the procedure. Otherwise, the appeals will not be considered. The appeals will be analyzed and resolved within a maximum of 5 days from their receipt, by drawing up a report on the settlement of the appeals. The Appeals Evaluation Commission has the right to request clarifications from the appellant, in which case the settlement period may be extended by the period of requesting and receiving such clarifications.

CAREFUL: Failure by the bidder to comply with any of the requirements of this documentation (failure to submit documents, or partial submission thereof, or requested information, or requested form) may result in rejection of the bid in the selection process of the winning bid.

For additional information you can contact SC OPTIMEDIA SRL with headquarters in Oradea, Str. Calea Sîntandrei, no. 38, Bihor County, Romania or by email at:

We are waiting for your offer, by the deadline mentioned above, at the address indicated.

Thank you in advance.

Legal representative,
Marius Ioan Pantis

Date: 07.07.2021