Reynaers CS 77

Reynaers CS 77 is a system for the manufacture of windows and doors with improved thermal characteristics, which offers an optimal combination of comfort and security. Optimal value for money, design options for contemporary architecture and complete versatility put this system in the top of Reynaers customer preferences.


System geometry

Depth: 70 mm
Visible height: 66 mm
Central node: 107,4 mm
Dim. max. sash: L1200 mm / H3500mm
Max weight sash: 160 kg


Maximum glazing thickness

53 mm

Thermal performance

UW ≥ 1,0 W / m2K


Acoustic performance

42 dB


Innovative functional solutions, safety and energy saving


  • 3 levels of thermal insulation: Standard, Hi, Hi +
  • Configuration possibilities: Functional, Renaissance, Hidden Sash, Softline, Fireproof

ESA classifications:

  • Air resistance: Class 4 (600 Pa)
  • Water resistance: Class 9A (600 Pa)
  • Wind resistance: Class C3 (1200 Pa)


  • ATG
  • NFRC
  • NAFS
  • AWW

Innovative functional solutions, safety and energy saving