Reynaers Masterline 10

Reynaers Masterline 10 is a system for the manufacture of windows and doors without any compromise. The system is designed for both current and future building trends: highly efficient thermal coefficient, safe housing, maximum access to light and extraordinary performance in the most extreme weather conditions. Masterline 10 carpentry is accompanied by the Passive House Certificate.


System geometry

Depth: 107 mm
Visible height: 97 mm
Central node: 139 mm
Dim. max. sash: L1200 mm / H2800 mm
Max weight sash: 200 kg


Maximum glazing thickness

88 mm

Thermal performance

UW ≥ 0,78 W / m2K


Acoustic performance

49 dB


Innovative functional solutions, safety and energy saving


  • 1 single level of thermal insulation comparable to HI +
  • Confirmation possibilities: Functional, Renaissance, Deco

ESA classifications:

  • Air resistance: Class 4 (600 Pa)
  • Water resistance: E900 class (900 Pa)
  • Wind resistance: Class C5 (2000 Pa)


  • ATG
  • NFRC
  • NAFS
  • AWW

Innovative functional solutions, safety and energy saving