Reynaers Masterline 8

Reynaers Masterline 8 is a system for the manufacture of windows and doors with countless design possibilities, suitable for any architectural style. High thermal performance, air-water tightness, combined with a profile depth of 87 mm and maximizing daylight intake make this profile the optimal choice for maximum comfort.


System geometry

Depth: 87 mm
Visible height: 97 mm
Central node: 139 mm
Dim. max. sash: L1200 mm / H2800 mm
Max weight sash: 200 kg


Maximum glazing thickness

72 mm

Thermal performance

UW ≥ 0,84 W / m2K


Acoustic performance

49 dB


Innovative functional solutions, safety and energy saving


  • 3 levels of thermal insulation: Standard, HI, HI +
  • Configuration possibilities: Functional, Renaissance, Hidden Sash, Deco, Swift

ESA classifications:

  • Air resistance: Class 4 (600 Pa)
  • Water resistance: E900 class (900 Pa)
  • Wind resistance: Class C5 (2000 Pa)


  • ATG
  • NFRC
  • NAFS
  • AWW

Innovative functional solutions, safety and energy saving