Why Optimedia?

Because we promote quality and excellence, and by these we mean the delivery of windows and doors with optimal performance characteristics, which can satisfy even the most demanding customers. We ensure the quality of products and services by collaborating with recognized suppliers at European level and investing in a qualified, competent staff.


To be a European leader in the production of PVC and aluminum joinery, to support our partners and to grow our company.


To produce windows and doors that have certified features, manufactured and delivered to the highest standards required by the market.



We have invested in the latest technological innovations and manufacturing processes, which allow us to offer quality products and delivery times that can satisfy even the most demanding customers.


Since 2006, we have been exporting our products, currently having over 1.000 partners worldwide.


Optimedia's quality and guarantee are based on European-recognized suppliers: Veka, Profine, Cortizo, Reynaers, Alumil, Saint-Gobain, Winkhaus, Maco. Optimedia products are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, and for PVC joinery we have the European CE mark.


Optimedia development

A brief description of the Optimedia history is necessary in order to be able to understand which were the development areas that contributed to the construction of the brand today.

  • 1994 - Optimedia development and start of production of PVC and aluminum joinery
  • 2006 - Optimedia exports the first products to Europe
  • 2016 - Over 500 international partners
  • 2018 - Production area of ​​23.000 m2
  • 2019 - Over 60 showrooms and dealers in Romania


We ensure the quality of products and services by collaborating with European-recognized suppliers (such as Veka, Profine, Cortizo, Reynaers, Alumil, Saint-Gobain, Winkhaus and Maco) and investing in qualified, competent staff.

This way we can offer windows and doors that meet all the requirements of our customers. We promote performance and seriousness, offering the best quality products and services.


PROFINE produces PVC profiles, sold under the KÖMMERLING brand. This company produced the first PVC systems for series production in 1954, obtaining the patent for the technology of extruding colored profiles in 1967 and for five-chamber profiles in 2000.


VEKA produces high quality PVC profiles, recognized in the markets of Europe, America and Asia. The recipe for this success is that VEKA factories are close to the end customer for optimal adaptation to local demand and culture.


WINKHAUS develops, manufactures and markets window and door hardware, automatic locking, access and security systems. The German group WINKHAUS was founded in 1854, remaining a family business, although it currently has over 2000 partners worldwide.


MACO is an Austrian company for window and door hardware that has ensured its success through product quality, being the first company in the field of hardware certified according to ISO9001 standards.


REYNAERS, a European leader specializing in the development of innovative and durable aluminum solutions, from greenhouses and curtain walls, to doors and windows with simple, sliding or folding openings.

Saint-Gobain Glass

SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS is the European leader in the production of construction glass. The plant in Călăraşi, Romania, has the most modern float glass production line in Europe. The energetic, acoustic and security performances of SAINT-GOBAIN glazing recommend them for the most creative and original architectural solutions.


CORTIZO has consolidated its position as the market leader in aluminum profiles for architecture and construction through massive investments that have allowed it to create a complete range of solutions for windows, facades and state-of-the-art sunscreen systems.


ALUMIL is one of the top suppliers for high quality aluminum architectural systems. In over 30 years of activity, it has expanded from Greece to the rest of the world, with 32 subsidiaries and 10.000 partners.

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